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DE_aztec is the fourth Counter-Strike animation created by Flashdeck. It was uploaded onto Newgrounds on July 20, 2004.


After a couple of character introductions, the scene cuts to Striker and Killer exchanging gunfire. Striker attempts to run but is ironically killed by lightning. Striker's motto was "I'm fast as lightning!"

SWAT attacks Lagger by surprise after hiding under the bridge. SWAT headshots him after a brief fistfight.

The Pro attempts to kill Dumbass but a stray bullet headshots Killer. The Pro misses Dumbass with his knife and he's accidentally shot in the head by Assassin.

SWAT notices Camper's inactivity and he kills him with a knife attack. Moments later, Freekill is bombarded with pop-up ads while aiming on Newbie. SWAT stabs Newbie and a distracted Freekill is killed by FD God.

Psycho kicks Dumbass in the crotch and shoots him. FD God jumps out of the doors and headshots Assassin and Psycho mid-air. FD God plants a bomb and begins a shootout with SWAT, both preforming complex dodges.

Both switch to their pistols after running out of rifle ammo. After their pistols also run out of ammo, the two begin fistfighting. SWAT gets the better of FD God and defuses the bomb.

Kill feed[]

  • Striker
  • SWAT USP ☠ Lagger
  • The Pro M4A1 ☠ Killer
  • Assassin AWP ☠ The Pro
  • SWAT Knife ☠ Camper
  • SWAT Knife ☠ Newbie
  • FD God CV-47 ☠ Freekill
  • Psycho MP5 ☠ Dumbass
  • FD God CV-47 ☠ Assassin
  • FD God CV-47 ☠ Psycho
  • SWAT FD God


  • FD God was the only terrorist to get a kill this round.