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DE_dust2 is the fifth Counter-Strike animation created by Flashdeck. It was uploaded onto Newgrounds on October 21, 2008.


In the CT base during cooldown, a USP thrown by Striker hits The Pro in the head. Scared, Striker is immediately sniped by Camper through the double doors at Mid.


Dumbass and Lagger dance at Mid, Freekill and Psycho check out Long A, and Newbie fails to throw a grenade and is thrown across Upper Tunnels. The Pro lands a headshot on Newbie, prompting him to ragequit.

Assassin is shown at Bombsite A scoping out Catwalk, and Killer is shown spraying his dual Uzis through Long Doors. Freekill attempts to shoot Killer, however a flashbang blinds him and he's killed. Psycho sees Freekill's death and retreats to Bombsite A.


After narrowly avoiding a sniper bullet by Assassin at Catwalk, Lagger retreats to the stairs. Assassin throws a grenade and injures him. SWAT throws a grenade from Tunnels and kills Lagger.

Hacker joins the game but is shortly transformed into a chicken by Admin.

SWAT headshots Camper, Dumbass chases Hacker in chicken-form throughout the map, Killer is killed by Assassin at A, and FD God frontflips onto Catwalk.


Psycho and Assassin are distracted by Dumbass chasing the chicken and attempt to shoot him. FD God headshots Assassin and moves onto Psycho. Admin removes Hacker from the game. SWAT and The Pro respond to Psycho's call for backup, however he is shot in the head and killed by FD God.

Dumbass plants the bomb at A and SWAT is stabbed in the head by FD God. The Pro kills him and looks for the bomb.

The Pro looks all over bombsite A but can't find neither Dumbass nor the C4. Dumbass appears over the ramp to reveal he's been carrying the bomb with him. It detonates and Terrorists win the round.

Kill feed[]

  • Camper AWP ☠ Striker
  • The Pro M4A1 ☠ Newbie
  • Killer Dual Uzis Freekill
  • SWAT HE Grenade Lagger
  • SWAT M4A1 ☠ Camper
  • Assassin AWP Killer
  • FD God CV-47 ☠ Assassin
  • FD God CV-47 ☠ Psycho
  • FD God Knife ☠ SWAT
  • The Pro M4A1 ☠ FD God


  • Camper listens to "Oh Camper" throughout the round.
  • FD God makes more kills than anyone else this round; a total of three headshots.
    • SWAT and The Pro both have two kills.
  • Striker makes no kills this round along with Newbie, Freekill, and Lagger.
    • The Pro is killed by Dumbass' C4.