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Dumbass is a character in Flashdeck's Counter-Strike animations. He lives up to his name as he acts like a retard throughout the series. However, sometimes he's shown to play the game properly.

He is on the Terrorist team.


Apart from being a black stick figure, Dumbass is most notable for his bright-red tongue and having black pupils.

Kills and deaths[]

Dumbass has a total of two kills:

  • In DE_dust, he inadvertently gets The Pro killed by Assassin. In retaliation, he headshots Assassin with Dual Elites.
  • In DE_dust2, his C4 detonates, killing The Pro.

Dumbass has a total of four deaths:

  • In DE_dust, he has his throat slit by SWAT after being blinded by his own flashbang.
  • In DE_aztec, he is kicked in the crotch and shot in the head by Psycho.
  • In DE_dust2, his C4 detonates, killing himself and The Pro.
  • In Striker's Rampage, he is stabbed by Striker.


  • Dumbass is the comic relief character.
  • Dumbass has survived the most attacks in the series. Most were unintentional dodges.
    • In DE_dust, he dives out of the way from Assassin's sniper bullet. However, this gets The Pro inadvertantly killed.
    • In DE_aztec, he survives a whole magazine of bullets by The Pro by pelvic thrusting.
    • Later in DE_aztec, he narrowly avoids a knife attack from The Pro.
    • In DE_dust2, he survives a barrage of ammo from Psycho and Assassin at Catwalk. This causes an unintentional distraction and FD God kills the two.