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FD God is a character in Flashdeck's Counter-Strike animations. He is a skilled player; being able to take out three people before being killed in a round.

He is on the Terrorist team.

Appearance and info[]

FD God is a black stick figure, most notable for his green eyes.

His weapon of choice appears to be the CV-47.

FD God's tagline in DE_aztec was FLASHDECK RULZ! His spray logo was the icon for Flashdeck.

Counter-Strike animations[]


FD God makes his debut in DE_aztec. After Freekill misses his chance on killing Newbie, FD God shoots him distracted.

After Dumbass is killed by Psycho, FD God jumps out of two doors and headshots him and Assassin mid-air. He plants the bomb and SWAT begins shooting at him.

Both dodge each others' rifle bullets and eventually switch to their pistols after running out of ammo. Again, they dodge all their pistol ammo and resort to fistfighting.

SWAT and FD God both get the better of each other during the fistfight. In the end, SWAT kills FD God with a series of kicks and punches and defuses the bomb.


Midway through the round, FD God is introduced after front flipping onto Catwalk. Dumbass provides an unintentional distraction to Assassin and Psycho at Bombsite A. FD God uses this to his advantage and headshots Assassin. Hacker (in chicken form) is removed from the game and FD God shoots at Psycho.

SWAT and The Pro respond to Psycho's calls for backup. FD God shoots Psycho dead and jumps to CT Spawn. Dumbass plants the bomb and FD God stabs SWAT in the head. He turns around but is shot dead by The Pro.

FD God wins the round when Dumbass' planted bomb detonates.


In the cold open, FD God is briefly seen shooting Psycho at Main Hall.

Striker's Rampage[]

After Newbie is killed by Striker at Tunnels, FD God, Lagger, and Killer camp out at T Spawn. Striker throws a flashbang and kills Lagger and Killer with Dual Elites. Striker sprays down FD God with an M4A1 and kills him.

Kills and deaths[]

FD God has a total of seven kills:

  • In DE_aztec, he shoots a distracted Freekill. Later, he headshots Assassin and Psycho mid-air.
  • In DE_dust2, he headshots Assassin and Psycho. He later stabs SWAT in the head.
  • In the cold open of CS_office, he shoots Psycho.

FD God has a total of two deaths:

  • In DE_aztec, he is killed in a fistfight with SWAT.
  • In DE_dust2, he is shot in the head by The Pro, moments after killing SWAT.


  • He is arguably the most skilled player in the series.
  • His weapon of choice is the CV-47.