Hacker is a character in Flashdeck's Counter-Strike animations, debuting in DE_dust2. Hacker is able to speedhack, equip any weapon in the game, and kill players with an energy blast.

He is on the Terrorist team.

Appearance and info Edit

Hacker is a white stick figure with black eyes and a green monocle. When Hacker joins mid-game in DE_dust2, he is briefly a black stick figure. Admin later transforms Hacker into a chicken.

Counter-Strike animations Edit

DE_dust2 Edit

Midway through the round, Hacker joins the game and spawns in Terrorist spawn. Hacker uses his exploits to equip weapons and speedhack, but is transformed into a chicken by Admin. Dumbass chases chicken Hacker on Short A, distracting Assassin and Psycho long enough for FD God to headshot Assassin. Admin then removes Hacker from the game.

CS_office Edit

When introducing new weapons, Hacker is shown killing Psycho and Striker with blasts of energy, before SWAT sends Admin after him.

Kills and deaths Edit

Hacker has a total of two kills:

Hacker has been removed from the game, but has never been killed.

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