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Striker's Rampage is an animated short created by Flashdeck. It was uploaded onto YouTube on April 24, 2012.

The deleted ending was also uploaded on April 24, 2012. The extended soundtrack was uploaded onto YouTube on August 25, 2012.


In the cold open, flashbacks play as Striker explains how he is the first to die every round. He then gears up and buys grenades.

He throws a smoke grenade at the Double Doors in Mid, preventing Camper from scoping through them. Striker kills Newbie at B Tunnels, prompting FD God, Lagger and Killer to camp near Terrorist spawn.

Striker throws a flashbang and hops out with dual elites, killing Killer and Lagger with shots to the head. He immediately sprays at FD God hiding behind a barrel and kills him.

Striker stabs Dumbass watching the fight and then shoots Camper multiple times in the head. He laughs and kicks a chicken standing by his feet. The chicken is angered, and when Striker turns around, reveals an arsenal of weapons behind his back.

Striker screams "Oh shit!" and the video's outro plays.


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Kill feed[]

  • Striker M4A1 Newbie
  • Striker USP ☠ Killer
  • Striker USP ☠ Lagger
  • Striker M4A1 FD God
  • Striker Knife Dumbass
  • Striker USP ☠ Camper


Under construction.